Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stretching Myself Creatively

This was another recent project for a friend of mine. She needed a birthday gift for her neighbor who had a really nice new ring with a shell like finish to it. My friend wanted to have something designed to compliment that ring. I sent her some shell bead images to see what might work. She selected a pink shell from Artbeads that was described as "freeform." (i.e. no two pieces are the same shape or size)

This seemed like it could be a challenge as I am used to beads being pretty uniform. The shell beads were lovely but needed to be assembled like a puzzle. And what would I put with them? The photo below shows some of my ideas which I again asked people which they liked. And like before with the bronze and ivory pearl bracelets, I always got a different answer from each person I asked.

The sample on the top row had roundish ivory fresh water pearls, the center piece has flat purple fresh water pearls and the bottom piece uses stick pearls, one of my favorite beads ever.

My friend selected the version with the stick pearls and here is the finished piece. The light pink color looks so pretty when held up to your wrist. I sprinkled some sand out of the sand dollar for the last image!