Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Team Giveaway - Bluegrass Etsy Team

Its time for another Bluegrass Etsy Team Giveaway!

This month's giveaway comes to us from Rachel Blanton of Wilmoth Farms. The value of this wonderful soap set is $29. Here's what you can win:

"Very Sexy" woman's soap (Victoria's Secret type)
"Masculine Musk" men's soap
"Oatmeal Milk & Honey" soap
"Soapy Clean" guest size soap
"Very Sexy" 2 ounce Body Butter
"Strawberry" Lip Balm 2 ounce
And thrown in for fun - a natural loofah sponge!

Rachel's ultra-nourishing soap combines Goat Milk and Honey in a base of wonderfully moisturizing saponified oils, unrefined Shea and Cocoa butters, that will nourish your skin from head to toe. Honey is a natural humectant, which draws moisture to the skin, and Goat Milk is a natural skin moisturizer and is great for sloughing away dead skin cells. With all natural ingredients, her soaps are hypoallergenic and mild enough for the softest, most sensitive skin.

All of the Wilmoth Farms soaps are handmade with 100% pure and natural goat milk soap, and lots of love!

Want to get entered in this contest? All you have to do is visit our BEST Kentucky Bluegrass etsy team blog for the details. We ask you to visit Rachel's shop and return back to the team blog post and leave a comment. The winner will be chosen at random from the comments left at the team blog.

Be sure to visit Wilmoth Farms etsy shop to see all this and more!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ta Da!! Check it Out!

How's this for a blast of brightness?? How could you be sleepy or bored with these colors to keep you alert?

This is still a work in progress, but I am pleased to show you these pictures. I finally have a place to create again, after waiting for the past couple months! It's seemed like a lifetime. I should share with you that I am pretty organized and anal about some things, so it really bugged me that my stuff was scattered throughout the basement and I didn't know where anything was for about 8 weeks.

This weekend my husband shared with me the alarming news that all art related items *must* fit inside this room. That was after I planned to leave my big tub with wheels that I use at craft shows outside the door, among other things. So if it all must fit, then I must get rid of some of the art supplies I've been hoarding half my life. I am not sure why I had a big bag of turquoise blue and red scraps of suede, but they have to go. And I know I probably don't "need" 25 cigar boxes, but hey, each one is unique and a different shape. Those get to stay. I threw out a laminator from Big Lots that did not work when I bought it. Moving it across town when we bought this house and storing it for 5 more years did not make it work any better. Out it goes! See, I can do this. It's just hard because some day I might need it. While hubs was working on the room, he discovered my two big boxes of shells and rocks which I moved from my previous house. They were not marked "shells and rocks" which is why they were undiscovered for five years in the storage space below the steps. (I am blonde, but not dumb). I think I will now have to downsize my collection.

So here are some pics after I have tried to reorganize. The brown table is my jewelry work space and the laminated table is for paper arts and other crafts I may become infatuated with in the future. (I want to learn felting and I really need to make those soldered glass slide necklaces). I like that the outlets are all at table level.

At some point down the road, we'll finish the other two walls (maybe in lime green & or pink to complete the "citrus" look). We'll wait for now as we need access to the pipes in case we add a bathroom. And we'll put down hardwood flooring and a drop ceiling someday. But for now, I have what I need to get working!

What do you think? Want to come over and create something with me? If you do, you have to promise to take some rocks and shells with you when you leave.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Delayed Gratification - Polymer Clay Pendant

Last year I went to Kentucky Crafted, which is a show of Kentucky artists and craftsmen. It also includes food growers and producers. It's a great event and one that I look forward to each year. So last year I spotted a very talented polymer clay artist named Sonya Linder with Whimsicality and made it a point to remember to go back to her booth. And I forgot...and told myself that since I had her card, I would just buy from her website. When I checked the website, the pendants I liked were not online.

So I waited a whole year for Kentucky Crafted 2009 to roll around! And this time I did not procrastinate! My friend Bobbi noticed I was having trouble deciding and I had narrowed it down to three pendants. She urged me to buy two, since I had waited so long. (I can't shop with her as she enables me!) But it was sound advice. So I bought these two pendants which I dearly love. I have worn both already, and have received lots of compliments on them. And my friend Bobbi also went back to buy one for herself before we left the show.

I am happy to report that Sonya has some of the pendants at her online store. If you want to see more of Sonya's jewelry, check out her etsy shop.