Monday, November 10, 2008

New Member of the Family - Meet Jack!

After 48 hours of grieving about Cosmo, we adopted another cat. His name is Jack.

We went back to Shamrock, the rescue organization, and told them how Cosmo was diagnosed with FIP and that we only had him for one year. They said we could pick out another kitty and they would waive the $85 adoption fee for us. That was very nice. We found an adorable tabby with white patches that stood out from the rest. They had named him Jack which seemed to fit his personality.

I always like to hear the story behind the kittens and how they came to be rescued. Jack's story is interesting, but sad. It seems a couple came into the pet store with three kittens (Jack and two litter mates). They said the cats were living near (or at) a reformatory in LaGrange, Kentucky (don't know how they came to be there) and they could no longer care for them. The couple actually walked out of the store and left the kittens behind. And it gets worse. Then they came back to the store shortly thereafter and tried to adopt a younger kitten. The lady from the rescue organization recognized the man and he left quickly. How awful is that?

When we held Jack we knew he was the one. We were hoping for a younger baby and Jack is 5 months old. However, it only took a few minutes to realize how sweet and affectionate he is. He purred incessantly, nuzzled in my hair, nuzzled around my neck, put both paws around my neck and bit on my nose (we call that a love bite). He knew all the things to do to win us over. Actually, I think HE chose US!

This second picture shows our cat Tucker giving Jack a stare down. Seconds later there was a long, low growl and then a hiss and they scattered. Jack is being submissive to Tucker, which helps. I hope it doesn't take too long for them to bond!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nunnlea Craft Show

Susanne and I set up at the Nunnlea House show this weekend. The show was Friday and Saturday and they served a great lunch both days. The ladies of the Beautification League run this show and they were so nice to work with. There was a steady crowd both days and everyone was pleased with the turnout. We had a good variety of vendors too. My mom came by on Friday and helped me work the show. It was fun to have her join me!

I learn something new with each show. What seemed important this weekend was the type of earwires on the earrings. I mostly use sterling silver shepard's hooks but someone wanted posts, so I changed them out for her quickly. I had a nice pair of specialty earrings that I put on lever backs. The lady that bought them had trouble with lever backs and wanted them on shepard's hooks. I changed those out as well. By day 2 of the show, I had every kind of wire available for anyone who asked. I even brought clips. I may make up a sign that earwires can be changed upon request.

I did get an inquiry about some custom earrings and taking some sentimental clip earrings from deceased parent and reworking it into something more modern. I hope she contacts me as it sounds like a fun project.

Here is a very cool purse I purchased at the show from the vendor next to us. The colors are great for fall and went well with the sweater I was wearing. I put it on my shoulder and was encouraged by everyone to purchase it! There was only one like it, so I bought it. I would post the creator's name, but she stopped making these due to time constraints and it was her mom that was selling them at the show. The beads and cool fibers at the top of the purse are a total cat magnet. I know this from experience!