Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lovin the Lilacs - Courtesy of Concord Soap Co.

The smell of lilacs is one of my favorite parts of spring, second would be peonies. When I was single, I had a house with a large lilac tree in the backyard. It was wonderful as I could cut as many branches as I wanted to make the house smell good. I could replace them in my vase each day and take them to work, and never run out. Since I moved, we planted a small lilac bush in our new backyard. It's not very tall, the flowers are small and I hate to cut anything from it since it's so tiny. On my route to and from work, I can tell you everyone that has a lilac blooming in their yard. I have been scoping them out and am tempted to put some snippers in my car. Surely they wouldn't mind! Actually I am guilty of doing that in a business park area where there were lilacs a few years ago. Unfortunately, the city decided to repave the road and the lilacs were in the way of progress. One day I drove by and the whole green island in the middle of the two lanes was dug up. My lilacs were dug up and in a heap of dirt and debris. It was a sad day.

Since it will be years before my small lilac does much of anything, I have resorted to other means. I have found a great etsy shop that is able to provide me with my lilac fix. Check out Concord Soap Company located in Concord, Ohio. Melissa makes some great products. I purchased the lilac soap, the lilac sachet and the lilac lotion stick. If you have not tried lotion bars or sticks, you really need to. They are great to rub on your elbows, knuckles, feet, knees, etc. And the scent is just wonderful. I found Melissa on twitter and signed up for her mailing list for specials. She sent me a sample of an almond amaretto body butter and I can't wait to try it too. Check out her etsy shop!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Like a Bird - Our May Team Giveaway

Perfect for spring and summer days! Check out this Bluegrass etsy team giveaway for the month of May, valued at $25.

I'm Like a Bird - take me in flight or just to the market. This mini pouch, makeup bag or wallet is so filled with charm. Cotton inside and out with hand embroidered edging, and a handmade adornment with embroidery, ribbon, felted wool, shells, and beading for extra personality. The closure is a magnetic snap.

Created by Toni Johnson of Vernon Ave. Check out her etsy shop for more colorful purses!

To enter the drawing, visit our BEST team blog for the details. Good luck!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!

Hope all the moms out there are being treated like a Queen today.

We are going to a Mother's Day brunch, then celebrating my dad's birthday afterward, followed by a visit to my mother-in-law. A very busy day!

Each year I put together some potted flowers for my mom for her front porch. These colors look great with the color of her brick and are bright enough to show up as you are driving down the road. The second picture is of more flowers that I need to plant around our house, along with some lovely purple colored sage.

Happy Mother's Day to you!