Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fab Blog Award!

I recently received a Fab Blog award from a wonderful artist - Thelma. Check out her beautiful paintings! I just love the lovely faces on her creations and am trying to talk her into creating note cards with her designs.

Thank you so much Thelma for this blog award. I really appreciate it!

With pleasure I will list 5 of my addictions.

1. chocolate - pretty much anything chocolate
2. buying beads
3. double dipped dark chocolate malted milk balls (see #1)
4. margaritas
5. reading blogs & hanging out twitter - what a way to make time fly! I love seeing what everyone is creating!

These are the 5 Fab bloggers chosen to receive this Fab award. Be sure to post your five addictions!

1. Teri with S&T Creations (beautiful jewelry)
2. Libby with Maylee's Garden (handcrafted soaps)
3. Mari with WhimsybyMari (check out her earrings)
4. Rachel with WilmothFarms (handcrafted soaps made from goat's milk)
5. Anna with TheHouseofMouse (the cutest little mice you've ever seen)