Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mad Men - The Making of the Poster

This is a cool video about how they shot the poster for Season 3, underwater. I am anxiously awaiting Sunday night and the return of Don Draper!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Icing on the Cake Martinis

I am a big fan of the Food Network and I came home for lunch one day last week and caught part of the Sandra Lee episode on Creative Cakes. She ended the show with a martini that tastes like frosting. This grabbed my attention right away. Since everyone loved the idea of frosting shots at the cupcake shop in Michigan, thought you guys would like to try this as well. I bought all the ingredients on Saturday so John and I could try them.

Here's the recipe courtesy of the Food Network.

Icing on the Cake Martinis


1 shot spiced rum (recommended: Captain Morgan's)
1/2 shot butterscotch schnapps
1/2 shot vanilla schnapps (I could not find and substituted vanilla vodka)
1 shot half-and-half
Candy confetti, for garnish

Add all ingredients, except candy confetti, to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkle of candy confetti. Makes one drink.

Enjoy!! Beware, if you can drink more than one of these, they WILL sneak up on you. One was enough for me. They are very sweet!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Finds at Target

Here are a few of this week's cool finds at Target...

This t-shirt was found in the men's department. Don't be afraid to look there ladies! This shirt is "so me." It looks artistic and I love trees. Price $12.99. Score!

You can never have too many decorative glass pumpkins. Just ask my husband. He will vouch that I have too many fall decorations. Did I mention fall is my favorite time of year? And at only $4.99 this had to go home with me.

My son was mortified when I spotted the Hello Kitty pencil bag for school and made a bee line towards it. LOL! This was only $2.99. And it really did not bother me that 6 year old girls were buying the same thing. You are never too old for Hello Kitty back to school stuff. I know Hello Kitty fans will back me up on this.

Only two more months for the new Target location to open super close to my house. Exxxxxxxxceeeeeeellent!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cool Things in Downtown Louisville

John and I went downtown to run an errand and had to find something to do while waiting on someone. We drove around for about 30-40 minutes and saw lots of cool stuff! Good thing I had my camera!

Here's a picture of the new arena being built. Kinda neat to see how they do the elevated bleacher seating. 448 days till completion!

Cool painted tires on Main Street. Not sure of the story on these, but they caught my eye.

The front of the Science Center. What a colorful fun, building!

I love this bicycle rack that is in front of the Kindred building. So cool!

There were a couple art cars still parked on Main Street from Art Car Weekend. The limo is a marketing tool used by the 21C Museum Hotel.

I took LOTS of pictures of the painted Gallopalooza horses. But that will be a separate post! I will be curious to see which are your favorites.