Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Finds at Target

Here are a few of this week's cool finds at Target...

This t-shirt was found in the men's department. Don't be afraid to look there ladies! This shirt is "so me." It looks artistic and I love trees. Price $12.99. Score!

You can never have too many decorative glass pumpkins. Just ask my husband. He will vouch that I have too many fall decorations. Did I mention fall is my favorite time of year? And at only $4.99 this had to go home with me.

My son was mortified when I spotted the Hello Kitty pencil bag for school and made a bee line towards it. LOL! This was only $2.99. And it really did not bother me that 6 year old girls were buying the same thing. You are never too old for Hello Kitty back to school stuff. I know Hello Kitty fans will back me up on this.

Only two more months for the new Target location to open super close to my house. Exxxxxxxxceeeeeeellent!


Fanciful Expressions said...

I love Target too. In Illinois we had three of them close to our house.Now, none close to our house. But, the new one will be a bit closer for me, so I'm excited.
Love that T-shirt. We're going there today. I may be checking the men's department ;=)

Carolyn M

Pretty Things said...

When they put a Target in our small town last year you would have thought we'd gotten fifteen malls plunked down in the middle of that corn field. Good grief! But I do love me some Target!

ChezChani said...

I used to shop at Target too. But I shop soooo much at thrift stores that their prices seem high to me...I even go to thrift stores on their sales days because regular thrift prices aren't low enough.

It's a bit of a sickness.

Auroras_Garden said...

I wholeheartedly agree on the Hello Kitty pouch! I was at Target with Tyler school shopping and caused a commotion over the Hello Kitty Lunchbox shaped like her head...and the folders, and backpacks...Tyler just left that whole section of the store where we were, I think I embarrassed him. Oh well...Your NEVER too old for Hello Kitty, NEVER! Squealing over her IS ok! LOL

KimberlyRies said...

It seems I am not alone in my love for Hello Kitty!!

Tabmade said...

I friggen love that shirt! I wish I had a local Target. :(