Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cool Things in Downtown Louisville

John and I went downtown to run an errand and had to find something to do while waiting on someone. We drove around for about 30-40 minutes and saw lots of cool stuff! Good thing I had my camera!

Here's a picture of the new arena being built. Kinda neat to see how they do the elevated bleacher seating. 448 days till completion!

Cool painted tires on Main Street. Not sure of the story on these, but they caught my eye.

The front of the Science Center. What a colorful fun, building!

I love this bicycle rack that is in front of the Kindred building. So cool!

There were a couple art cars still parked on Main Street from Art Car Weekend. The limo is a marketing tool used by the 21C Museum Hotel.

I took LOTS of pictures of the painted Gallopalooza horses. But that will be a separate post! I will be curious to see which are your favorites.

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Auroras_Garden said...

We wanted to go see the art cars. I wasnt able to make it. We did see all those cars you posted pics of all along main street friday night. The cool Camera van was there too and the TV's in the side really worked! Tyler was impressed LOL So glad you had your camera with you. I try to always have mine handy too cause you never know when you will need it to take pics of something as awesome as that car with the tiny mirrors all over it! LOL