Thursday, August 6, 2009

Francisco's Farm Art Show in Midway, KY

My friend Bobbi and I went to the Francisco's Farm Art show in Midway, Ky in late June. It was the first time for both of us and we were not disappointed! I loved how the area was lined with cotton tie dye flags as we drove toward the campus.

This festival was voted one of the top art 10 festivals by American Style Magazine, and I can see why. They have received that award for the past three years and when the 2010 awards are published in February, I am sure they'll be there again. This festival seems to be doing everything right. The quality of the art was evident, there was a variety of live music both days, the volunteers were everywhere and there was a great selection of food indoors in the air conditioning, or outdoors if you prefered.

I know I will plan to be there next year and am glad I made the trip to Midway to experience this festival. Here are a few more photos.

These cute dogs had four fans blowing on them to keep cool and had water bottles on the sides of their wagon. I had to stop to take a picture of them! You can see one of those tie dye banners in the background.

I bought these very cool flat fused glass vase. Very unique and whimsical! The artist is Faith Wickey from Austin, TX.

This piece, I love! I call it my "drinking vessel" as it's not really a glass or a cup to me. Everything tastes better when I am drinking from this! I love leaves and nature based art, and this is now one of my very favorite things. The artist is Jonathan Kesler of Earthly Arts Pottery. He is from Marysville, OH. No website on his business card but I can give you his email if you'd like to contact him.

I coveted these earrings for a whole year. I saw them at Summerfair in Cincinnati in 2008 and was intriqued by them because they were so unique. When I spotted them a year later, I immediately recognized them, which says a lot as there were so many jewelry vendors at this show. After waiting a year, I just had to have them! The artists are two sisters from Alabama and their company is Brennans Jewelry.

If you haven't been to this show, you'll have to check it out next June! Midway, Ky is close to Lexington if you plan to make the trip. Beautiful country!


Dionne said...

What a neat event. I love the looks of the location, so green and pretty! And what goodies!

Jessica said...

The event is literally "down the road" from me. I was going to go this year but had to be out of town. Thanks for putting info about it. LOVE those earrings!