Saturday, January 2, 2010

She Believed She Could So She Did

So this is my mantra for 2010. At least the first one I've come up with that seems to fit. I was in a hallmark store with a terrible migraine, picking up a card, when I ran across this ceramic tile. It really spoke to me as I love collecting motivational quotes. And this tile was on clearance, so needless to say, I took it home.

It is now strategically placed on my super duper wall cabinet from Archiver's.

Let me tell you, it is quite an accomplishment that it's hanging! I saw this advertised by Archiver's for a fantastic price (I think back around Labor Day??). I called, they were out and were not issuing rain checks past the week of the sale. Left my name and number anyway, just in case. Sale is over, no call till later and how nice, they extend the sale price for me. I picked it up immediately, where it then sat in my studio in the basement for a couple months because I needed help from the hubs on hanging it. He very graciously got it anchored to the wall for me and then I started filling it up! I just love it!

My plan for the month of January is ORGANIZATION. I have been using the same style Franklin Covey planner for about 8 years. I just ordered a totally different style from them that fits in a sleeker cover. So I am purging stuff I have carried around for years that I don't need anymore.

Also, I was very recently laid off from my job of nine years so I now have time for ORGANIZATION. I have already reorganized my jewelry armoire, some drawers and cabinets in the bathroom and am working on cleaning up the studio and getting rid of things I don't use. I measure my success by how much gets sent to Goodwill or goes in the trash. We have a whole cabinet of spices and sauces that is overflowing and needs attention. My recipes are a mess, I have so many that I've collected and can't ever find the one I want when it's time to cook. So next week I am tackling those. I have binders and sheet protectors to put them in. And since I am at home now, I will be cooking dinner more often so I need to find those recipes.

Meanwhile, I am eagerly looking for the next great job with help from and lots of networking, but am excited about taking care of business around the house and giving attention to some things that really need it. My husband pointed out the cobwebs in the hallway tonight, so maybe I'll start there. I'm sure there's more where those came from.