Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspiration by HGTV

Last week my husband was off work for the holidays and we had some relaxing down time. We watched ENTIRELY too many episodes of shows like Bang for Your Buck and Househunters on HGTV. Since I have this new found "free time" I am really scrutinizing things around the house and looking at things with a different perspective. Before I never had the time to do these things. Now I maybe have the time but sure don't have the money since I am laid off. So to compromise I am looking at projects that won't break the bank. Unlike the couples on some of these shows, we don't have a $50,000 budget to redo the kitchen or $100,000 to finish the basement and install an Irish Pub. LOL! Let's be realistic. But I am hoping that I can just use a little elbow grease, some spackle and paint to spruce things up a bit. That's the plan anyway...

So much of the wallpaper in this house is not to my liking and I'm pretty sure there are two layers of it in most places. And I am pretty sure there are teal colored ducks under the top layer. I've peeled back a corner to peek. Super icky. Not a big fan of the wallpaper. It was here when we moved in. I am really itching to start ripping it down after taking a really long hot shower to steam up the bathroom. And since my son moved out, there is major work in his room to patch the walls, repaint and attempt to clean the carpet. And we still have brass in the house and hollywood bulbs in the bathroom. And there are ugly mirror strips in the living room that are very dated and glued to the wall. Not sure about that...think that's a job for my husband.

See, the more you watch these shows, the more you will want to make changes at your own house! Damn you HGTV!

I am pretty sure that I'll start with a bathroom first. It's one of the smallest rooms and dealing with the walls should be the hardest part. I think.

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Onward and Upward

I just love it when my husband asks for tools for Christmas. This happens every year during the holidays and on his birthday. And when he gets tools AND gifts cards for Lowes or Home Depot, you just KNOW there is a project in the works.

In a very short period of time right after Christmas, John took the measurements for the wall outside my studio in the basement and framed it out on the floor. Then we lifted this framework into place under the ventwork and he took a sledgehammer and put it into place. I admire a man that can build things! Granted our basement is unfinished but this is progress! I am hoping that by the time we retire we'll have the basement finished while we can still walk down the basement steps!

I am really excited to see that the project has started and realize that we'll only be able to do small things, a little at a time, as the budget allows. But still!