Monday, July 14, 2008

It's an Obsession!

My name is Kim...and I hoard art supplies.
I am sure I am not the only one who is guilty of this. Case in point, the materials shown here, that I felt I MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY after taking a 6 week metalsmithing class at a local university and taking Don Norris' silversmithing class.
Looking carefully at the bench pin you will see that it has no saw marks on it. It is untouched. My grinder has never been plugged in. The sheet of copper still in the package from the day the big Rio Grande box arrived. And I was so excited that day!
What happened to my momentum? I guess if I could order that online, I'd have that too.
I must admit that I did use the letter punch set from Harbor Freight to put initials on my work keys so I can keep them straight. But I really don't think that counts.
This table is like a shrine to projects not yet begun. And it's rather embarrasing.
In the paper recently there was a Speed Bump comic with a frenchy looking guy at a bistro that says "the trick is to be thought of as artistic, without having to create any actual art." I had to get out the scissors when I saw this. Too funny.
Okay, so now I need to get motivated. Clearly I have the supplies.


mygemstonebox said...
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mygemstonebox said...

You make me laugh because I am "so there with ya". Soooo many items in the have to have it now category...still unopened.. ahhh someday will have all the time necessary. Hang in there and keep having fun.

A Beaded Affair said...

What I love about stone and metal is there is no expiration date. They will all be there for you when the muse hits.