Saturday, September 20, 2008

Donation for a Good Cause - NOVA

I was recently contacted by an attorney in Frankfort that specializes in issues surrounding violence against women, primarily domestic violence and sexual assault. She had picked up my business card at a horse show about a year ago and asked for a silent auction donation for an upcoming NOVA conference. The conference will be held in Louisville, Kentucky September 28-October 2.

Attorney Dina Barlett explains that NOVA is the National Organization for Victim Assistance, a private, non-profit organization of victim and witness assistance programs. This organization is dedicated to advocating on behalf of crime victims nationwide. Advocates play a vital role in helping women who are trying to rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive relationship or surviving a sexual assault. One of NOVAʼs primary roles is to train victim advocates so that they can assist these women in a meaningful way.
To learn more about this worthy cause, please visit the NOVA website at

Here is a picture of my donation - a light blue Chalcedony bracelet and earrings with azore blue Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. I hope they have a great conference and silent auction!


TeriB said...

Lovely set! This will be a great donation to a great cause!

dentedhalo said...

Beautiful bracelet, let us know how it went!