Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Beloved Kitty Cosmo

Admiring his fine self in my makeup mirror.

Watching the koi in our pond from his favorite viewing spot. You will always find him there. He hangs out on the bottom rung of the chair or he'll sit in the window if it's open.

His "working the pole" routine in the spare bedroom. He loves to squirm around and hang onto the bed frame. I am powerless over his cuteness. And he knows this.

Here are a few pictures of our most special kitty Cosmo. Cosmo is about a year old and was named for Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld. He doesn't enter a room like Kramer. We just liked the name.

We adopted Cosmo last November from a local rescue organization. They didn't know a lot about his past, but he showed up at the pet store on a dog social night. Not sure if that was good timing or bad, but he was noticed for sure. They managed to catch him the second time he came around. We adopted him as soon as we met him, even though his eyes were watery, he had ear mites and he sneezed a lot. The vet put him on antibiotics and had eye ointment for him and he eventually got better.

He has always been submissive to our older cat Tucker and they are just now to the point where they get along. Let's just say Tucker tolerates him now.

Cosmo's favorite thing to do is sit by the window and watch the fish in our koi pond. He loves it when we open the window for him. His other favorite pastime is our nightly bedtime treat ritual. All I need to do is bang the metal handle on my nightstand drawer and he comes flying into the room, across the bed and in position to get his three treats.

We recently noticed that he was acting odd. Laying on the dryer for several days in a row and having difficulty breathing. He also failed to show up for his bedtime treats which was a big red flag for us. We got an appointment at the vet last Thursday and the news wasn't good. He was running a fever and the xray confirmed his body was filled with fluid, so much that his lungs had nowhere to expand.

The vet told us it could be a couple things, but a xray would tell us more. She seemed apprehensive when she showed us a "normal" xray and then showed us Cosmo's xray. The diagnosis was one we feared. He has FIP which is feline infectious peritonitis. I had never heard of this until Thursday night. It is a disease with no cure which is always fatal. We were devastated. It seems this disease begins with a common coronavirus which just about all cats are exposed to at some point in their lives. However, in some cats (mostly kittens with weak immune systems or very old cats) the virus mutates in their system, within their cells. By the time you see the symptoms they don't have much time left. The vet tells us he has weeks or maybe months. His chest will continue to fill with fluid (even though we just put him on a water pill) and it will cause more respiratory issues. Basically he won't be able to breathe. The vet said not to let it go too far as we don't want to see him suffer.

He isn't eating much now and hides a lot. Our cats have not had canned cat food, they just eat dry. So I have tried to entice him with tiny pieces of cooked chicken breast, banana pudding, anything I have on hand to pique his interest. I am told he needs protein and we could even try baby food, (like the meat versions) in order to get him some extra protein. I am babying him and giving him all the love I can for the time that he has left with us. It breaks my heart to lose another one. Our two previous kitties had diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

Our vet said she rescued two kittens herself, that both seemed a little sickly at the time, they were diagnosed with FIP and she had to put both of them down after only having them two months. It made me feel slightly better when she reminded me that Cosmo has had a wonderful year of life with us, verus being out on the streets as a stray. I just need to keep telling myself that.


ChezChani said...

He is a beautiful little boy and I am so sad for you. BAm Bam, Izzy and I are thinking about you and hoping that he does not suffer. He is a lucky boy to have had such a year of love and koi.

Corinne Sullivan said...

Oh, I know the love of a stray, we have a kitten that was a stray also. My heart breaks for you, I'm so glad that for now and the past year cosmo was spoiled with love...

PurrPrints said...

I LOVE kitty pictures (of course) and these are some very cute ones--yay kitties!

WhimsybyMari said...

Oh Kim I am so sorry. You have given him a wonderful life, I believe they will all be waiting for us at the bridge for us. Be blessed for the time you will still have with him he is a gift.