Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cute Handwarmers & Craft Show

I bought these handwarmers/fingerless gloves from the show I did at St. Gabriel a couple weeks ago. They are too darn cute and I like them even more because they don't exactly match. There were two ladies next to us knitting away during the whole event. These went with the sweater I was wearing and I just love them. My hands are always cold and they get chapped in the winter. The best part was they were only $8. Since buying them, I have priced similar (but not as cute) handwarmers and they run from $25 - $40 at local boutiques and on etsy. I got quite the deal!

Here is a picture of my table too, with some of my holiday decorations displayed on my table with my jewelry.

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ChezChani said...

The handwarmers remind me of "Oliver" I could use a pair for beading. It's chilly in my house and my hand gets cold from mousing, but if I wear gloves I can't bead.
Your table looks very pretty. Hope you sold lots!