Sunday, February 15, 2009

Studio Walls are Going Up!

My husband is the greatest. When my grandmother would hear all the projects he was working on around the house, she would say "he is so handy!" And Grandma was right! His gift to me for Christmas was to finish my studio in the basement. I had been complaining (okay whining) that it was too cold to work down there and when I try to heat my area, it never works as the space is open & the heat travels up the stairs. Also, I need doors to keep my two cats out of my workspace, even though I have dubbed them artcatz. They are so curious about what I am doing and want to hang out with me. Which is okay most of the time. However, when I have everything set up for a photo shoot of my jewelry that is the time that they jump on the table and I get a picture of a paw instead of a bracelet. Or the bracelet being dragged away by a paw. You get the picture.

Here is phase 1. My husband has framed in the space where the walls will be.
In phase 2 he ran the wire to the multiple outlets that I'll have. And he put in a phone jack so if the phone rings I won't have to leave the studio. Although I may not answer the phone, I am still excited about this!!

Drywall is going up now. Our friend Tom came over and helped as it's tough for one person to handle. When I am out of town this week, the mudding and sanding of the drywall happens. Sorta glad I will be out of town for that work. Right now everything is covered in dropcloths and I can't get to anything. I know I will be uneasy until I get everything reorganized and put away where it goes.

So I need to think of what color to paint the walls. This IS an art room, so I am thinking something bright and colorful. Two walls will be drywall and the other two, for the interim are still painted white concrete walls. If/when we can finish the basement, the other two walls will be finished. The cool part is that I will have two doors, multiple electrical outlets and a phone jack. And eventually upper cabinets and a wash tub for cleaning up paint, rubberstamps, brushes, etc. But that's down the road.

So what color(s) should I paint the walls? I mentioned a splatter of colors a la Jackson Pollack and my husband looked horrified. I am thinking one bright yellow and one red. Or maybe one orange and one pink/coral. I LOVE those colors together. I don't want to go too dark as it will make the room look small. And once I get all my junk back in there, it will probably look small. Another thing is that I will want to write on the walls ("Oh, Good Lord" my husband said when he read this). Quotes and words and any inspiration. Maybe I should just get a huge bulletin board. Let me know if you have suggestions for me! I'm all ears!


ChezChani said...

Why don't you paint an area with blackboard paint? Then you can write anything you want with chalk? I see this done in magazines all the time, once even on the front of a refrigerator, which I loved. Someday I'll have an area like that!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I saw a great design (I thought) in a deco mag a while back...rather than painting the entire wall, they taped off various sizes of squares, some overlapping a bit, some larger, mid size and smaller, and painted various colors inside each square. That way, they achieved a palette of color without being garish or overwhelming. Anyway, something you might want to consider, maybe your husband won't be horrified that way LOL! Teri

WhimsybyMari said...

What a wonderful Hubby you have. I have the same problem trying to take pictures with my Shih Tzu his muzzle ends up in all mine if I am not careful.

A Beaded Affair said...

OMGosh, now I want to come play with you. What a great hubby to do all that for you. Give him a big hug for me. He's one in a million.

KimberlyRies said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments. Good suggestion about the blackboard paint Elayne. I also really like those black dry erase boards that they use at restaurants with the neon markers. Something to doodle on would be fun!

Pink Diamond Workshop said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, I am now a follower of yours its fab, your studio is coming on great, looks fab
Jackie x

Auroras_Garden said...

I have used that blackboard paint in my kids room and it really works. After 4 years its starting to peel but that could just be from having to live with boys for 4 years, you would peel too....
For the walls, do a rainbow! If you cant make up your mind on which color, use them all! I intend to do that myself someday..This is the great thing about being an artistic type, we can do stuff like that and our friends dont look at us weird cause we already have the title that translates into "weirdo" so its expected!

Keep us posted on the room I am in stitches! I cant wait to see it done...oh yeah where did you pick up that hubs of yours? do they make any more in that model?? I cant seem to get mine to do much...what do you feed yours? LOL