Monday, May 25, 2009

Flowering Tea

My friend and coworker Cathy, gave me this great gift for Christmas. And since I am a little busy these days, it has taken me awhile to play with this great gift. (hangs head)

How cool is this? The tea is compressed into a little ball and it blooms in hot water. There are several different versions included in the set that she gave me. Can't wait to play with the others.

This is so much better than the Sea Monkeys I had as a kid!

The flavor is green jasmine tea. Ahhh!


Pretty Things said...

I so wish I were a tea drinker because it seems so classy and chic. And that flower tea I've seen is just too pretty! I liked seeing you take photos from start to end.

Jessica Marie said...

i've always wanted to try this!