Sunday, June 7, 2009

Etsy Yart Sale!!

Q. What is a Yart Sale?
A. An Artistic Slant to a traditional Yard Sale: Yard + Art = YART

I will be participating in the etsy wide Yart Sale sponsored by Team ESST.

Come visit my Creative Eye etsy shop for some very affordable jewelry.
Free shipping is being offered in my shop from June 10-14!

You can search throughout esty for other Yart Sale items while you're there. Just type in "Yart" in the search box.

Check it out! Just don't show up on my driveway at 5 am, okay?


Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Thank you for promoting the Yart Sale! I look forward to seeing you in the Promo Section of the forums June 10th-June 14th!

Tabmade said...

Thanks! And it's ok, it just means I have lots of stuff to add to my Etsy now! haha
And good luck on the yart sale!

Jessica Marie said...

yay for yarting!

yarting sounds kind of weird though. lol