Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh oh oh, the Sweetest Thing

I just received the cutest little burp cloth you ever saw!! No, it's not for me. Two of my friends are expecting babies this year!

This darling piece was created by Sara Andrus of the Savvy Stitcher. She is a talented Kentucky artist/crafter on our Bluegrass etsy team. Check out Sara's shop! She has other designs for boys too, and some cool fabric wraps for your coffee cup.

The expectant mom card was created by Shauna Rogers of Lemon Drop Studio. Shauna is from Oregon and I met her through twitter, proof that twitter can get you sales! Check out Shauna's shop for cute cards and tags.


Auroras_Garden said...

That burp cloth is too stinkin cute! OMG!!! I want one for Maylee even though she isnt a baby no more LOL!

That card is awesome. I LOVE handmade cards, and you know what burns my biscuits? I see cards in the grocery store now that "look" handmade! They are copying off of us! I was not happy to see this. They should leave the fancy cards to the crafters.

Sara said...

Thanks for featuring me!

I tagged you on my blog!