Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Week - RAKS & Surprises!

I love surprises in the mail and I also love surprising my friends and family with handmade gifts. Creativity is such a wonderful gift we can share with others!

Last month I was collecting funds from our team members that are participating in a local craft fair in September. I received a check from Kelly Graves of WhimsyBeading. Included in the envelope with her check and business cards, was this lovely beaded wish bag. I about fell over from excitement! I was familiar with the wish bags from their etsy site but I had not seen one in person and certainly not one with a fleur de lis in my theme colors! I have shown this off to everyone as it's so unique.

I recently participated in a Pay it Forward type project on Facebook. We simply posted that we would make something during the year for the first five people that signed up. They in turn, would agree to do the same for others, to pay it forward. After doing this, Elayne with ChezChani surprised me with this lovely resin pendant of my logo! How cool is that?? I have it on a purple ribbon and wear it with pride. Elayne's logo is a sunflower and she created one for herself to wear at shows. What a great way to promote your brand!

Our etsy team leader, Libby Goldsmith of Maylees Garden knows I am a big lover of floral scents, especially lilac. She was able to get some lilac oil for me and turn it into a roll-on perfume oil. It's wonderful! Not only because I love the scent, but because she surprised me with it.

So use your creative talent to create a special something for a special someone. Or make little mini art items and leave them at public places for people to find. Stick them in library books, leave them at a bus stop, a nursing home, or in a hospital waiting room. You never know how your creative spirit might lift some one's mood and change their day!

Spread the word about Happy Week and keep the happy spirit alive! For other musings about Happy Week, visit CuriousGirl-Lisa. Her blog has a listing of everyone participating this week!


kendalee said...

So thoughtful and lovely! I love to receive gifts but I can honestly say that giving them makes me even happier. There's nothing to beat finding or making just the perfect thing for someone! How great that here you have been on both sides of that...

Auroras_Garden said...

Well gosh Kim now I am happy! I love all the cool stuff you got! Isnt it great how kind everyone is to each other. I love it!

ChezChani said...

That wish bag is pretty cool, I've never heard of that.

I love LOVE lilac too. When we lived in the Laurentian mountains in Canada the smell of lilacs was so amazing, I miss it so much.