Monday, September 28, 2009

Bluegrass Etsy Fall Team Meet & Greet

Here are a few photos from the Bluegrass Etsy Fall Meet and Greet held on Saturday, September 26. I love these meetings as it is great to speak face to face with people you know online. It's always fun to see what others are making and do a little bartering. And these are great team building activities.

With the past two meetings we've had, we end with a promo swap. Basically you bring a small item that reflects your shop or your craft and swap with others. We also swap business cards and include those in promo bags with our orders. We know from experience that these promo bags work!

Time seems to fly by when we get together. We allotted five hours for the meeting and we still didn't have enough time to socialize and talk business as much as we wanted to!

Joey & Kelly Graves of Whimsy Beading are always so productive when we see them! Wait till you see the bracelet they stitched up for me. (coming soon!)

Team members: Paulena of Polly's Pavilion, Angela of Spool of Plenty and Libby of Maylees Garden (our fearless team leader)

New team members Sherry and LeighAnn from SewFriendzy meet existing team members Toni Johnson with Vernon Ave and Carolyn Campbell of Cowgirl Rosie.
Tina Mackin of SmackinArt and Paulena.

To see more pics of the team in action, visit our Kentucky Handmade team blog.

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Fanciful Expressions said...

What a fun group. I'm so bummed that I had to miss it.