Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Cool Target Find

You know you have found something cool when the cashiers at Target get excited about something you have found in the store that they have not seen yet!

I found this very cool jewelry holder in the aisle with picture frames, etc. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! It was a splurge, and I have tons of props to use at craft shows, but it is an unusual piece!

Had to have it!


Pretty Things said...

AWESOME! I'm always strolling the aisles of stores looking for things that aren't necessarily meant to be used for booth props but are PERFECT for booth props!

treasurefield said...

That IS cool! I need one "growing" in every room of my house. I'm so bad about removing my earrings in random places. Sometimes, if I forget earrings when I'm dressed to go out, I choose from whatever's lying about.

ChezChani said...

What was it meant to be? And is that like a dish at the bottom, will you put anything there?