Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip to Lover's Leap Winery

On the first day of spring, John and I went to Lover's Leap Winery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky for their Spring Fling event. It was our first visit there and we were impressed. The grapevines had not budded out yet, but you can get an idea of size the vineyard. From what I recall, they will start budding out by May and I believe the grapes are harvested in September. I plan to go back later this summer and take more pictures.

We paid $15 to get into the event and it included a wonderful BBQ lunch, desserts, live music, a tour, wine tastings, and keepsake glasses. We always enjoy trying new wines and picking out a favorite. Many times you go to local wineries and you really don't like the wine, but we really thought all the ones we tried were good. We left with several bottles.

When I saw this hat, I had to have it!

John goes back for a refill on the tour. Actually we had permission to do this!

If you are in the area, you should visit this family owned winery. They support the arts and are hosting an outdoor event called the Vineyard Stroll on June 12 (from 11 am 7 pm) featuring over 50 Kentucky Proud food producers and Kentucky Crafted artists. Admission is $5 and there is live music. Maybe I'll see you there!


ChezChani said...

What a great time for such a great price. Many years ago we toured the wineries in Paso Robles CA. Love to do something like that again!

dentedhalo said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. One of my friends lives very close to there, it's so pretty when the vines are full!