Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rescue Kitties

Last month these amazing babies showed up at my husband's office out in Eminence, Ky which is a rural area. The four kitties were dumped there (our guess) and there were two pairs from two different litters. They seemed a little skittish but friendly. They were not feral cats at all. Each time the door opened they would sneak inside which isn't good for business and people were annoyed.

Knowing that they might be put down at a regular shelter, we knew we had to do something to help them out. All of the no kill shelters or organizations that we called said they could not take any more kittens at the time. My husband was able to borrow a large crate from a local shelter for several days. We set it up in our garage until we could figure out what to do next. We already have two cats and could not take any more. And we couldn't let the kittens around our two cats because our existing cats were not thrilled to see them in the garage.

We didn't have any baby shampoo or cat shampoo so we bathed them warm water with Aveda Shampure, clipped their nails and gave them a mini spa treatment. They really seemed to like it. And they smelled really nice!

Putting my marketing degree to use, I took cute pictures, gave them sweet names and made little fliers to help promote them. We posted their pictures on Facebook and told our friends and family. One day at work I mentioned our cat Tucker to a coworker and he said he was looking to get a kitten. That was wonderful to hear! At the same time, we had contacted the lady we knew at Shamrock (we worked with her to adopt the two we have) and she agreed to foster the kitties until they found homes.

It worked out that my coworker took the two small ones (Oreo and Pumpkin Spice) because he didn't want to break them up. I am so happy to report that they are doing great! They are spoiled rotten in their new home. And the best part is that I get regular doses of stories about their antics and pictures of them as they grow.

We are hoping that Isabella and Fiona find homes soon. They are beautiful orange, black and white calicos. They are currently at the Feeder's Supply in Middletown and I hear that someone is trying to decide between the two. I am excited that maybe at least one of them will go home with someone nice. I go up to see them on the weekends and sometimes on my lunch hour. I like to think that they remember me or know my voice, but they probably don't. They are just so happy to have someone to hold them and love on them.

So remember to spay and neuter your kitties so that we don't have to work so hard to be sure they find good homes. Ours will have a happy ending, but that is because we took an interest in them and because of great organizations like Shamrock.

To learn more about Shamrock or make a donation, please visit them here. Do it for the fur babies.


Andrea said...

So sweet, thanks for caring enough to save them. I have three, it breaks my heart when people just dump off kittens (any animal really) they are adorable, I'm sure they will find a home :)

ChezChani said...

They are sooo beautiful, I'm teary-eyed.

My Izzy is a Calico and sweet as can be, apparently sweetness is a Calico trait so somebody will be very lucky to have them. But they really should take both. Once you have 2 cats you realize that one was never enough.

You have done a truly wonderful thing.

dentedhalo said...

I have a calico too, her name is Gertie...and although she is extremely shy, she is a big love bug. Well, little love bug, she's 6.5 lbs full grown!
I am so glad you and your hubby saved these sweet kitties. I'm sure the remaining two will find homes soon, they are beautiful cats! :)