Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Ready for a Holiday Show

I am trying not to dwell on it too much, but I am almost in panic mode. I'm sure I'll be up late tonight working on finishing touches. I have a show tomorrow and it's my first holiday show with lots of competition during a less than stellar economic time. Realizing this, I have made my items affordable. I have invited lots of friends, family and acquaintances, so the pressure is on for this booth to look great! I am using all my marketing skills and know how to make this table look really festive and professional. Watching Sandra Lee on the Food Network create "the perfect tablescape" hopefully did not go to waste on me. I have all my kraft bags and boxes stamped with fleur de lis and tied with pretty ribbon and have lots of promo items to give out to promote my etsy site. I don't have a banner so I printed out a small sign for a clear upright holder. And I have little handouts with my other holiday shows listed. Who knew this would be so much work. Wish me luck!!

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ChezChani said...

Sounds like your booth will be adorable! Best of luck, let us know everything!