Monday, June 15, 2009

Smokin Hot!

My husband loves to grill and use the smoker. We just gave away a charcoal grill, so we are now down to four, a smoker, an upright smoker, a gas grill and a charcoal grill. I find it interesting that men LOVE to cook outdoors, but put them inside, and they aren't nearly as excited. Must have something to do with being outdoors. Oh, and the beer consumed while cooking. Think that's a factor??

So the hubs is hard at it with a beef brisket. It's his first time with this - his real specialty is ribs, but we are doing those next Sunday for Father's Day. He has carefully prepared the brisket with a dry rub that he put together from a combination of recipes, a basting sauce with Guinness extra stout and has also made a spicy mustard based dipping sauce for later. Oh, did I mention the dipping sauce also contains beer? Yum-O!


kelleylivingstondesigns said...

He really is into it!

Kellibeans said...

ooooh, that stuff looks gooood!

I have found in my own research studying the ape-like BBQ man in his natural backyard habitat, that not only are they able to use crude looking tools fashioned from metal and sticks, but the allure of fire satisfies some primal need to stand near heat and puts them in a sort of trance. I should report my findings to NatGeo. LOL

I also think I need to add to the mystery of the BBQ man when I say mine likes to "experiment", putting foods one normally wouldn't wish (or think) to grill---on the grill. However, the smoked chicken livers he did once really WERE delicious. HAH!

Auroras_Garden said...

I have to agree with Kelli, BBQ satisfies some primal need in men to be close to nature and it element, Fire! I think the smokers get them excited too, all the hoo-ha of giant clouds of smoke rolling out of a device they invented, yes I am positive a man invented the first smoker.
That brisket looks mighty good, and it sounds like he enjoys getting creative with the basting sauce. Nothing like beer to inspire a dude to greatness!

KimberlyRies said...

You guys are right, it is some primal cave man kind of thing and an infatuation with FIRE! :) I am just glad my guy loves to cook!