Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Derby - KY Oaks Day Glasses

I am a big fan of the Oaks Day glasses. (Oaks Day is the race the day before Derby for those unfamiliar with the Louisville tradition) I love lilies and the glasses are normally in pretty feminine colors. Here are a few examples. Last year's art was really beautiful.

Imagine my surprise this year to see that glass is like a stemless Riedel wine glass. How cool is that? Now I can have wine in my studio and not worry about knocking over the glass!

We have a winner!


Laura said...

You know you're right - the Oaks glasses are pretty! I don't think I've seen them around the usual stores where the Derby glasses are - where do you get yours? Hoping for good weather on Saturday!

ChezChani said...

That glass is pretty cool. And wine in you studio is even cooler :-)

TeriB said...

Kim, I didn't know there was a separate glass for Oaks--my daughter is going this year, I'll ask her to get me one. I do like the wine glass design---a very "updated" look to the tradition! Wish you great luck betting on Derby this year! Teri

KimberlyRies said...

You can find these glasses at local Kroger stores. Or sometimes they have them at Taste of Kentucky.

Happy Derby everyone!