Friday, May 1, 2009

Derby Hat Decorating

This is the hat I bought last year for Derby week. We typically go to the Kentucky Oaks race which is the day before Derby Day. I liked it because it has an off kilter asymetrical feel to it. I wear a lot of black typically, so I am likely to have something to go with a basic black hat. The flowers are in the front and the back is plain. Last year I wore black and lime green so I added a lime green grosgrain ribbon and it looked fine. So here is the hat without the ribbon.

Here are my grossly overpriced feathers from a local store. I loved the ribbon with the flowers and thought it would look good with the top I picked out.

Here is the final product with some feathers that I love. They move with the breeze and are pretty cool. While we were at the track yesterday I liked all the hats that had these type of feathers in them. It was windy and I like the movement they create.

Have a great Derby Day everyone!


TeriB said...

Kim, love your hat, and it would look great with any color since you can add to it and change the trim! I wanted to say thanks again for connecting me with Debbie of Maine-ly Pretzels. I'm going to get a gift basket from her next week.

Laura said...

Looks great - have a wonderful Derby Day (and hopefully no rain!)

dentedhalo said...

Sweet Hat!
Have fun at the party!


Andrea said...

Love your hat!I have a surprise waiting for you at my blog! please stop by and pick it up! ♥ Andrea