Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RAK from Lori Anderson Designs

Perhaps you've seen the RAK lists on blogger or at Facebook. Creative types have been posting that they will make something for five people. All you have to do in return it post it to your blog or Facebook and return the favor for five people. So much fun! I posted mine on Facebook last month. We used to do this on some rubberstamping groups I was on years ago and I really enjoyed it.

So here is the first RAK I've received and it is from Lori Anderson Designs. Lori is a talented jewelry designer. She sent me some wonderful beads and I can't wait to make something with them. I especially love the red and black beads that look carved. Too cool! I thought a great way to use these beads is to create my RAK with them. Pay it forward!


dentedhalo said...

Awesome! Don't you love those little treasure boxes?


Pretty Things said...

I hope you like them! I've belonged to a couple of bead trade groups in the past and it was great to get some things that made me think outside of my normal comfort zone.